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Nicole Dix

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Minor/option/emphasis: KIN-Physical Education Teacher Education

Company/Organization: DMPS, JMS
Company/Organization website:,
Destination: Des Moines, Ia, Johnston, IA
Timeframe: Fall

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
Created unit plans for elementary students specifically on locomotor skills, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. Led classes of about 25 students for K-5. Created lesson plans for middle school students that focused on weightlifting, partner workouts, and dance. Led classes of 20 and co-taught classes that had 80+ students.

I accomplished...
My greatest accomplishment was planning three entire units (15 lessons) and teaching them beginning to end. This showed my expertise in my field in planning and implementing lessons for a variety of age groups.

I learned...
One of the greatest lessons I learned from my experience was to have fun while teaching. Planning is important to do, but lesson plans should not always be read while teaching. It is important to be present and to know the lesson front to back. I also learned that managing a class and setting clear expectations may vary between teachers, but this is a crucial part in being able to lead lessons and have fun.

Advice for others...
Come in ready to work and to be productive, but do not forget to be present in your placement. It can be easy to focus on the school work because it is stressful and time consuming, but remember why you are there and don't miss out on any opportunity to learn from other professionals. Take notes, try teaching outside your comfort zone, ask questions. You can learn a lot about yourself as a teacher if you do.

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