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Kia Richards

Major: Hospitality Management

Company/Organization: Texas Roadhouse
Company/Organization website:
Destination: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Timeframe: Summer

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
As a Key Manager, he or she will be in charge of running the entire store while on the shift. Key Managers also need to have excellent organizational and managerial skills because he or she will be responsible for managing ten to fifteen employees all at the same time, depending on how large the store is. The need to make sure that all employees are following the food safety procedures implemented by the company, not to mention doing some minor tasks like the filling out paperwork before the shift ends, doing inventory of all the supplies, evaluating cash drawers, and also making bank deposits. As a Local Store Marketer for Texas Roadhouse, he or she will be creating, developing and implementing local store marketing programs that build guest loyalty, guest counts, PPA and overall sales to include promoting all Unified Programs (Valentines, Ribfest, Holiday Gift Cards, etc.) Throughout the community, establishing positive and ongoing business relationships with neighboring retailers, hotels, civic groups, etc. that lead to sales-building opportunities. General office duties including typing, copying, filing and emailing will be asked to complete. Weekly and daily tracking of all community visits, sales brought in and any employee contests. Designed, organized and maintained specialized and custom forms, records, reports and files. Responsible for ordering, updating and keeping all materials organized; scheduled meetings and made other special arrangements

I accomplished...
As far as Managing goes, I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment would have to be overall learning about the restaurant more in-depth. I have always been good with talking to guests and working with employees. But it is great to learn more about all of the little things that go into a restaurant. For my Marketing part of my internship, I would have to say my greatest experience is making so many connections with our community. Texas Roadhouse does not pay for advertising nationally, so that is where I come in and help make connections and set up events to get involved with our community.

I learned...
My greatest lesson learned would have to be that you cannot please everyone and you can't take everything to heart. Some customer will give you a hard time about everything you try to do to turn their experience around. Sometimes there is a good chance nothing will make it better.

Advice for others...
Take a chance to ask as many questions as possible during your internship. It helps so much when my mentor answers my questions because they can fully explain things in a way that I can understand better.

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