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Jessica Schaumburg

Major: Food Science

Year: Sophomore
Hometown/State: Colona, IL

Company/Organization: Grain Processing Corporation
Company/Organization website:
Title: Associate Scientist Intern
Destination: Muscatine, IA
Timeframe: May 11, 2015 - July 31, 2015

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
I helped out in the Tech Services department this summer. I assisted the other scientists with their projects and did research on my own project that I was assigned. A lot of my work early in the summer was geared towards prepping demos for the National IFT Expo. I also attended weekly department meetings and sent an email to the department of what I had accomplished that week.

I accomplished...
I formulated 2 trial formulas to be used as demos to show off the functionality of some of GPC's products at the National IFT Expo. I also completed a project on egg replacements in yellow cakes and gave a presentation on it in front of the department.

I will never forget...
My most memorable experience was the National IFT Meeting and Expo. It was my first time going, so it was very exciting and overwhelming to see the expo floor. I enjoyed working in GPC's booth and interacting with some of their customers and meeting new people.

Advice for others...
This is a really great internship for the summer between your sophomore year and junior year. You need a solid background knowledge in science, but it doesn't necessarily require some of the food science classes you take as a junior or senior.

I first learned about this career-building experience from...
The Fall Ag Career Fair and CyHire

I landed this assignment by...
I stayed in touch with someone from GPC after talking to them at the career fair. I submitted an application through CyHire, had a phone interview, then I travelled to the plant for a day-long second interview with the entire Tech Services team.

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