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Jordan Enga

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Minor/option/emphasis: KIN-Community and Public Health

Company/Organization: Courage League Sports
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Des Moines, IA
Timeframe: Summer

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
-Running adaptive programs for children and adults with special needs - Training on disability awareness, adapting to meet the needs of participants and behavior management -Program development projects

I accomplished...
My greatest accomplishment during this internship was finding something that I am passionate about. I really had no idea what I wanted to do after this internship was over. My time with Courage League Sports helped me find my passion in helping others.

I learned...
The greatest lesson that I learned from my time at Courage League was that being passionate about what you are doing makes your job not feel like a job. I loved going to work everyday because I was surrounded by passionate people that keep this program running and I discovered what I was passionate about which is helping others which made this job so amazing.

Advice for others...
Find something that you are passionate about and love to do because it will make your time at your internship that much better.

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