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Jared Ingram

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Company/Organization: Woodward Academy
Company/Organization website:
Title: Assistant Sprints and Strength and Conditioning Coach
Destination: Woodward, IA
Timeframe: Spring 2017

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
I am an assistant to the head track and field coach, Mr. Shaun Mohon. My duties include helping to design programs and exercise prescriptions specific to sprinting and long jump performance. The set practice schedule is Monday through Friday from 2-6pm. This however does not include time spent in coaches meetings, training, competition, and individual task work related to the track team. All of these duties combined averages to 40 plus hours a week. We also attend approximately 2-3 track meets a week on top of this.

I accomplished...
My greatest accomplishment from this experience would have to be having three relays who all are within the qualifying range for the state track meet at Drake University. Woodward Academy sports have not really been a huge pool for state performances when it comes to track and field but most of my sprinters will have an opportunity to compete in the state track meet this year. It's been an extremely satisfying experience to watch my athletes improve with each meet and each training session and to get to compete at a high level.

I learned...
I've learned many lessons during my time at Woodward Academy. However, if I had to choose one lesson that stood out from the rest it would be, "Don't find the excuses to not make things happen, but find the reasons that they can happen." This pretty much sums up my entire time at Woodward. There were always things popping up and obstacles in place that would be very viable excuses to not get things done or to postpone training, etc. However, if I would have just given into these obstacles and challenges every time, my athletes would not have met their goals or had the progress that they did this season. I learned how to be flexible and problem solve to get things accomplished instead of giving into whatever it was that was attempting to hinder our progress.

Advice for others...
My advice would be step out of your comfort zone. I never thought a day in my life that I would be working with a population of high school aged juvenile delinquents when I went into my major. I wasn't even looking for my internship when I came across Woodward Academy. I believe in order to set yourself aside from other's in this field and make yourself a valuable asset, you have to be willing to take risk and do things that the average person may not think of.

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