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Brayden Roth

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Minor/option/emphasis: KIN-Exercise Science

Company/Organization: Barwis Methods
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Plymouth, Michigan
Timeframe: Fall

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
Cleaning and general maintenance of the building such s mopping and vacuuming. Assisting Barwis staff with clients in any way needed. This often included grabbing equipment or warming them up while they finish with a previous client.

I accomplished...
I was able to learn the warm ups and cool downs well enough that the Barwis staff felt comfortable letting me lead warm ups and also stretch out clients at the end of their workouts. This was my greatest accomplishment because it was such s great learning experience.

I learned...
Get out of your comfort zone. All internship long I was being forced out of my comfort zone by the staff. I gained so much more knowledge because of this. To advance in this field, I truly believe you have to constantly step out of your comfort zone.

Advice for others...
Consider an internship at Barwis. The staff is phenomenal and loaded with talented strength coaches of all backgrounds. This also gives you a chance to go out of state and experience something new. It's also great on a resume. And a great chance for very good references as I've had two of them tell me they want me to use them as references.

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