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Anne Dieseth

Major: Event Management

Year: Senior
Hometown/State: Urbandale, Iowa

Type of experience: Internship
Company/Organization: Iowa State University Alumni Center
Company/Organization website:
Title: Events Intern
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: May 2015 - August 2015

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
During my internship I coordinated multiple events throughout the summer including weddings, banquets, and meetings. I created banquet event orders and diagrams for these events. I also created agreements for clients, worked on marketing for the Alumni Center, as well as developed a training guide for the event staff.

I accomplished...
I served as the on-site contact for multiple events. Seeing the clients at these events happy was a major accomplishment. Seeing the events I planned come through as a success and the knowledge I gained were also great accomplishments.

My most valuable effort...
I worked on the coordination of a wedding at the Iowa State University Alumni Center. This taught me a lot about the events industry. Leading client meetings, contacting vendors, and putting together banquet event orders and diagrams for these events gave me a lot of valuable experience.

I learned...
Contacting vendors and meeting with clients was the most valuable learning experiences I encountered. Meeting with clients taught me to think on my feet. It taught me how to think through all intricate details of an event. It also helped improve my communication skills.

I will never forget...
Seeing events such as weddings and quinceañeras I worked on are the most memorable experiences I have from my internship this summer.

A surprising discovery...
Before entering my internship I was set on only planning weddings as my profession. My internship has shown me that I like working for a venue and could picture myself working at one in the future.

Advice for others...
Have an open mind about everything. This internship will give you great experience and knowledge that you can't learn out of a textbook. It is very hands on and there is so much opportunity for growth. You are learning from great professionals that want to fill your brain with as much knowledge as they can, soak it all in.

I first learned about this career-building experience from...
I have worked on the event staff at the Alumni Center for about a year and a half and through that I learned about the internship there.

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