Internship scholarships

These scholarships are for CHS undergraduate students who enroll in internships or student teaching appointments where salary or wages are not paid. Scholarships will range from $1000 to $2000 to aid with living expenses. The larger awards will be considered for students serving in an unpaid internship within the state of Iowa that will benefit economic or community development, state or government agencies, schools, or social-service agencies.


Applicant must

  • Be an undergraduate enrolled in a College of Human Sciences major and maintain enrollment during the scholarship period.
  • Have a scheduled, registered, unpaid internship or student teaching assignment that is:
    1. required for the student's degree program
    2. credit-bearing during the semester applied
    3. not awarded with any other form(s) of compensation (including stipends, travel reimbursements, etc)
  • Be working at least 180 hours across a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Have earned at least 45 credits at ISU or transferred at least 45 credits to ISU.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.
  • Maintain enrollment in internship and finish during the eligible semester. Students who drop, withdraw, or do not pass the internship are required to repay funds to Iowa State.

A student may receive this award only once.

Written documentation may be requested from the internship/student teaching provider or ISU academic adviser regarding the estimated number of hours and duration of the experience as well as verification that the experience is unpaid. 


Scholarship application.
Summer and Fall 2018 applications will be open March 19th.


What if I change my internship?

The scholarship is only valid for the scholarship listed on your application. Students can edit their application and internship information up until the deadline.

If I receive a scholarship, how are the funds given to me?

Scholarships are credited to students Ubill.

What if my internship company is giving me a travel reimbursement?

Applicants must have a completely unpaid internship experience to qualify. Students with any kind of stipend or reimbursement are not eligible for this scholarship.

When will funds appear on my Ubill?

Funds will be sent to the Financial Aid office no later than the date indicated below. Processing may take a few days.

Scholarship timeline

Expected dates are posted. Dates may change prior to the scholarship opening.

Spring semester: 2018

Dates Status
October 2 Applications open for spring interns and student teachers.
December 10 Deadline for submitting applications and references
December 15 All applicants notified of status
December 19 Deadline for applicant to accept
December 20 Funds will be sent to Financial Aid

Summer semester: 2018

Dates Status
March 19 Applications open for summer interns
April 29 Deadline for submitting applications and references
May 4 All applicants notified of status
May 8 Deadline for applicant to accept
May 9 Funds will be sent to Financial Aid

Fall semester: 2018

Dates Status
March 19 Applications open for fall interns and student teachers
August 5 Deadline for submitting applications and references
August 10 Awardees will be notified of status
August 14 Deadline for applicant to accept
August 15 Funds will be sent to Financial Aid