Follow up

Assessing the interview

Immediately following the interview, write down everything you need to remember, such as:

  1. Interviewer'(s) name
  2. Date you expect to hear from the company
  3. Questions you were not able to answer or questions you did not answer with focus
    • Develop a clear, concise, and pointed response to the question so you will be ready next time.

Follow up after every interview

Making a good impression on a potential employer continues even after the interview is complete. A follow-up thank you letter e-mailed within 24-48 hours of the interview will leave an excellent impression. It will also help the interviewer remember you and give you the opportunity to include relevant information you may not have mentioned in the interview. After interviewing up to 50 people in three days, your thank-you letter may give you an advantage in the mind of the recruiter. Not everyone sends thank-you letters, and yours may be the only one the recruiter receives.

Anticipate rejection and prepare for the next interview

Don’t take rejection personally in the job search process. Remember the goal of the interview is to determine a fit for both you and the company. Take everything you have learned from the interview to help you prepare for the next one.