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October 22, 2018

Raise the visibility of your research by establishing a CHS individual faculty research webpage: As the College of Human Sciences aims to increase communication about scholarly research, faculty now have the opportunity to establish a website that focuses on their research work. Sites may focus on an individual researcher's work or a research team's work. Review some of the new sites or request yours now. More».
For more information, contact Alisha Zika in the College of Human Sciences at 515-294-9304 or

October 19, 2018

Katherine Richardson Bruna granted funding for young learner's science education program: Katherine Richardson Bruna, an associate professor in the School of Education, and Lyric Bartholomay, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin, received $222,037 in funding for year four of a five-year National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award grant. The project, titled "Young Scientists, Ambitious Teachers Improving Health in an Urban Ecosystem," uses the theme of mosquitoes to spark young learners' curiosity about the natural world and their interest in and experiences with the practices of science. The project team has developed new teacher education programming, a summer camp, and after-school curricula. Collaboration has begun to pilot these innovations internationally.
For more information, contact Katherine Bruna in the School of Education at 515-294-4144 or

October 17, 2018

Tricia Neppl receives award for relationship development research: Tricia Neppl, associate professor in human development and family studies, received a year five subcontract of $180,011 from the University of Georgia as part of a five-year $1,956,680 grant. This award, funded by the National Institute on Aging, is to study continuity and change in the marital relationships of retirement-age couples and to link relationship development to changes in physical and emotional health.
For more information, contact Tricia Neppl in human development and family studies at 515-294-8502 or

October 16, 2018

Christa Jackson and team awarded grant for mathematics learning research: School of Education researchers Christa Jackson, Ji Yeong I, and Mollie Appelgate, along with Department of Mathematics researcher Heather Bolles, received $94,241 from the Iowa Department of Education on their algebra learning professional development study. The team is collaborating with Drake University, Heartland AEA, and the Des Moines Public Schools on the project, called "Effectively Supporting all Students to be Successful in Algebra" or ES3A. They are focusing on increasing teachers' algebraic content knowledge; teachers' understanding and use of effective instructional practices, especially when teaching algebra content such as ratios, proportions, expressions, number systems, and functions to African American students and English Language Learners; and students' mathematical achievement. In this project, the team will provide high quality professional development, classroom support, and a variety of resources to middle school teachers so they can effectively support all of their students to be successful in algebra
For more information, contact Christa Jackson in the School of Education at 515-294-4519 or

October 12, 2018

Greg Welk awarded funding for continuation of SWITCH: Greg Welk and Barbara E. Forker received the 2nd year of funding from an R21 subcontract with Louisiana State University for the continued dissemination of SWITCH. SWITCH (School Wellness Integration Targeting Child Health) is an interdisciplinary collaboration that includes ISU researchers Spyridoula Vazou, Doug Gentile, and Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, ISU 4-H program specialists Laura Liechty and Ann Tolbert, and collaborators from several other institutions. Senlin Chen, a collaborator from LSU Senlin, developed the grant while at Iowa State. This award builds on the 4 year USDA project to enable the research team to extend the project to middle school youth.
For more information, contact Greg Welk in kinesiology at 515-294-3583 or

October 10, 2018

Telin Chung receives award for digital presence research: Telin Chung, along with AESHM research team Linda Niehm, Jessica Hurst, Ann Marie Fiore, and Rebecca Liang, received $3,696 from the Direct Selling Education Foundation to study how a direct selling company's digital presence influences the sale performances of its representatives in digital and non-digital channels. This proposed study will help DS companies make informed decisions when prioritizing their digital strategies based on their goals, company size, and characteristics of salesforce, and pair the right media with specific audiences and provide targeted supporting functions. Indirectly, this study may help increase the opportunity for underserved entrepreneurs (e.g., women) to gain business knowledge and skills by engaging in direct selling businesses.
For more information, contact Telin Chung in apparel, events, and hospitality management at 515-294-4022 or

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