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Emily Leerhoff develops community outreach skills through Rising Star Internship: Emily Leerhoff is a family and consumer sciences education and studies major who is passionate about teaching. As a Rising Star Intern for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach this summer, Emily got to impact communities in ways she'd never thought of before. More».

Maria Perez aspires to share benefits of exercise through career: Maria Perez went from majoring in theatre arts as an undergraduate to pursing a PhD in kinesiology with a focus in exercise psychology. She's now passionate about informing others about the mental health benefits of being active. More».

Claire Groth impacts community as a Rising Star Intern: Claire Groth plans to use her knowledge in dietetics and food science to work with food research and policy. Claire spent her summer impacting Iowa's Region 5 counties as a Rising Star Intern for ISU Extension and Outreach. More».

Dyese Matthews maximizes opportunities within apparel graduate program: Dyese Matthews plans on become an apparel professor and entrepreneur. When she isn't studying, she enjoys watching HGTV, talking to her mom, sleeping, and doing Zumba. More».

Lydia Granahan uses logistics and creativity as a music event manager at ACM Awards: Lydia Granahan plans to pursue a career in the music industry. When she isn't focused on schoolwork, Lydia is involved event management club and her sorority.  More».

Kelsey Best finds a new way to fuel her love for golf at PGA Championship: Kelsey Best plans on working in the golf industry and planning major tournaments. When she isn't focused on schoolwork, Kelsey is involved in her sorority and communication studies club.  More».

Kathy Franco Torres plans to attend medical school and become a neurosurgeon after graduating from Iowa State. When she isn't studying, Kathy enjoys cooking, baking, and tutoring. More».

Dawn Hales sets example for nurses as she earns her BSN: Dawn Hales is a registered nurse earning her bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN) at Iowa State. When she isn't studying, Dawn enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. More».

Kiara Roberts majors in food science and focuses on food insecurity: Kiara Roberts plans to work in research and development focusing on hunger relief after graduation. When she isn't studying, Kiara enjoys hanging out with friends and enjoying the outdoors. More».

Alicia Miltner volunteers in hospice, aiming for physician assistant career: Alicia Miltner plans to work as a physician assistant after graduation. When she isn't studying or volunteering, Alicia enjoys being outdoors by hiking, swimming, playing frisbee, and running. More».

Allison Gress' research opportunity fuels her desire to advocate for kids: Allison Gress is one of seven students who earned the 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She plans on becoming a lobbyist to prevent mistreatment of children.  More».

Maggie Hanneman follows in family’s footsteps to educate the next generation: Maggie Hanneman plans to become an elementary school teacher after graduation. When she isn't studying, Maggie enjoys getting coffee around town and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Des Moines. More».

Misty Brooks works toward BSN with new Iowa State program: Misty Brooks is pursuing her bachelor of science in nursing to enrich her nursing career. When she isn't studying, Misty spends time with her children and attends their various activities. More».

Lydia Anderson follows childhood dream at ISU: Lydia Anderson is studying to become an elementary school teacher. When she isn't studying, Lydia enjoys attending workout classes, hanging out with friends, and eating at Pancheros. More».

Nathan Hoth trades baseball field for nutrition field: Nathan Hoth hopes to work as a strength and conditioning coach, nutritionist, or Neuroscience researcher after graduation. When Nathan isn't studying he enjoys biking, hamoocking, spending time outside, and staying up to date with current research in his field.  More».

Student Stories: German chef finds new calling as dietitian More».

Nicole Kling tailors her research experiences to her personal interests: Nicole Kling is one of seven students who earned the 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She plans to work in community nutrition after she receives her master's degree in diet and exercise.  More».

Lillie Perry pursues the human side of finances: Lillie Perry plans on working as a financial planner after graduation. When she isn't studying, Lillie enjoys hanging out with friends and being outdoors. More».

Sydney Washington finds home in dentistry and Iowa State University: Sydney Washington plans to work as a general dentist for the U.S. Air Force. When she isn't studying, Sydney spends "me time" going to the gym or spending time with family. More».

Jemie Ilunga inspired by background to promote inclusion through fashion: Jemie Ilunga plans to work as a fashion designer after graduation. When she isn't studying, Jemie enjoys watching Netflix and catching up on sleep. More».

Brooke Vogel builds research connections through undergraduate internship: Brooke Vogel is one of seven students who earned the 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She wants to be a registered dietitian working with cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation in a clinical or hospital setting.  More».

Kinzie Matz finds her passion in personal experience: Kinzie Matz is one of seven students who earned a 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. When she graduates with a degree in dietetics, she plans on becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian.  More».

Taylor Barnard talks majors, squirrels, and studying abroad: Taylor Barnard hopes to work at the Make-A-Wish Foundation after she graduates. When she isn't studying, Taylor enjoys volunteering, following Bob Ross painting tutorials with friends, and taking care of her plants. More».

Jamie Stuhr builds future on research and club opportunities: Jamie Stuhr plans to work as a physical therapist after graduation. When she isn't studying, Jamie enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, going to the movies, and going to Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday night. More».

Mary Kate Horak seizes the chance to be a leader in the lab: Mary Kate Horak is one of seven students who earned the 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She has accepted an offer from the University of Virginia Ph.D. biomedical science program for after she graduates in May.  More».

Adriana Chew travels far for culinary food science program: Adriana Chew plans on working in food product research and development after graduation. When she isn't studying, Adriana likes to hang with friends, try new recipes, and of course, eat. More».

Brittney Dvorsky chose the College of Human Sciences before she chose her major: Brittney Dvorsky plans to work as a kindergarten teacher after graduation. When Brittney isn't studying she enjoys baking, watching movies with her roommates or spending time at home with family. More».

From park ranger to researcher, Sofia Mendoza finds her path at Iowa State University: Sofia Mendoza is one of seven students who earned a 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She plans on being a health care provider and focus on preventive medicine research.  More».

Cassidy Swiggum peer mentors with passion: Cassidy Swiggum plans to work with children as a Kindergarten teacher or in school administration. When the she isn't studying, Cassidy enjoys watching Netflix and reading. More».

Personal experiences lead KJ Rauch to kinesiology: KJ Rauch plans to work as an occupational therapist in an acute rehabilitation unit at a hospital. When she isn't studying, KJ enjoys finding recipes on Pinterest, going to concerts and sporting events, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family. More».

Maria Espino gives back helping students access post-secondary education: Maria Espino hopes to work as a faculty member at a research institution after she graduates with her Ph.D. When she isn't studying, Maria likes to journal and plan, listen to music, and go to the gym. More».

Michelle Brackett helps others find their path through MINDS: Michelle’s experience with the MINDS (Making Informed Decisions) learning community helped her discover her passions for education and helping undecided students find their major at Iowa State University. More».

Paige Perkins is paving a new road for women’s health through CHAARG: Paige Perkins is geared toward working with campus recreation after she graduates. When she isn't studying or running CHAARG, Paige enjoys working out and spending time with her friends. More».

Gabrielle Evans finds joy in serving others: Gabrielle Evans plans on working as a trade show manager at the McCormick Place in Chicago, or a catering manager at a large convention center after graduation. When she isn't studying, Gabrielle enjoys trying new restaurants and foods around the Ames area. More».

Hannah Sunderman improves lives through medical and ambassador experience: Hannah Sunderman is studying to become a cardiac rehabilitation specialist after graduation. When she isn't studying, Hannah enjoys being active outside and attending Iowa State University sports events. More».

Lynette Wuebker's passion for food security leads her to The SHOP: Lynette Wuebker plans to work as a registered dietitian after graduation. When she isn't in class, Lynette enjoys finding new places around Ames to get coffee, run, and go on hikes.  More».

Hannah Van Roekel grows as a professional in athletic training program: Hannah Van Roekel wants to go into athletic training or physical therapy after she graduates. When she isn't working in the gymnastics athletic training clinic, Hannah enjoys running, baking, and crocheting. More».

Makenzie Schurk finds connection through clubs and clothing: Makenzie Schurk plans to work as a celebrity stylist or in a wholesale showroom after graduation. When Mackenzie isn't studying, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to get half price appetizers at Applebee's. More».

Noreen Naseem Rodríguez featured in Faculty Focus video: Noreen Naseem Rodríguez is a human scientist in the School of Education who promotes more inclusive elementary social studies classes in the U.S. She works to ensure that all students can see themselves represented in the American story. More».

Ashley Jones brings idea of event design business to life: Ashley Jones is in the midst of creating her own online event design studio. When she isn't working on her business, Ashley loves to craft: making shirts, canvases, and customized mugs. More».

Bright future ahead in medicine and law for Zoe Lambert: Zoe Lambert is keeping her options open when it comes to her career, but she hopes to go into healthcare policy, academia, or become a physician. When Zoe isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, tending to her cacti and succulents, and listening to podcasts. More».

John Kerr connects passions for mental health and medicine John Kerr plans on becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner after he graduates. When he has free time, John enjoys watching The Office and Parks and Recreation. More».

Samantha Hirschman finds success through connections: After graduation from Iowa State University, Samantha plans to work for a small, liberal arts institution in an office for career services, academic advising, or accessibility services . When Samantha isn't studying, she enjoys putting puzzles together and spending time with her family and her partner, Emanuel. More».

Peter Martin featured in Faculty Focus video: Peter Martin is a human scientist who is figuring out why some people reach 100 years old. More».

Doug Elrick's digital forensics background leads him to instructional technology program: Doug Elrick plans to work as a full-time educator in digital forensics after receiving his Ph.D. In his free time Doug enjoys staying active in his church and helping with the church building, teaching a bible study, and leading a small group.   More».

Vashalice Howard uses stories to promote literacy and social change: Vashalice Howard plans to start a literacy non-profit that focuses on authorship among diverse K-12 students. In her free time, Vashalice enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. More».

Derek Keng finds connection through clubs: Derek Keng hopes to work as a food safety technician after graduation. When Derek isn't studying he enjoys playing video games and trying new recipes. More».

Jenny Junker pushes herself out of her comfort zone to excel in apparel merchandising: Jenny Junker has a bright future working in the merchandising side of the fashion industry. When she isn't studying, she likes spending time with friends, playing volleyball, and going to sporting events. More».

EunHa (Lena) Jeong is a human scientist who studies consumer behavior and psychology in a hospitality management setting More».

Military veteran Jake Berger found a new purpose in life through education More».

Loo-Yee Wong inspires and works to break stigmas through dietetics: Once she graduates, Loo-Yee Wong hopes to work in a hospital as a clinical dietician, with a possible focus on professional dancers. When she isn't busy with her club involvement, Loo-Yee enjoys cooking and baking with friends. More».

Steven Waddell uses personal experience to fight disparities in education: Steven Waddell hopes to one day run his own college. In his free time Steven enjoys photography, writing, video games, basketball, and being vegan.  More».

Addison Snyder Takes on Disney College Program: Addison Snyder plans on working on a cruise ship as an event manager after she graduates this spring. When she isn't working or studying, Addison loves hanging out with friends, going to concerts hosted by ISU, eating good food, and taking walks around campus. More».

Jake Bennett impacts future students’ lives through teaching: Jake Bennett is on his way to being an elementary school teacher and basketball coach. When he isn't studying, you can find him playing pick-up basketball at State Gym. More».

Adrienne Rule finds her way in the College of Human Sciences: Adrienne wasn't sure what she wanted her major to be. She enrolled in the College of Human Sciences as undecided. Through the MINDS learning community, she was able to explore all of her options and choose what was best for her. More».

Internships influence Lauren Grant's path: Lauren Grant plans to work as an event planner for either weddings or a nonprofit. When Lauren isn't studying, she enjoys slacklining on central campus with friends or playing volleyball at State Gym.  More».

Katie Stearney follows in family footsteps by going into healthcare: Katie Stearney is working to become a physician's assistant in an under-served community after she graduates. When she gets time to herself she enjoys running, reading, cooking, and practicing yoga. More».

Sela Hanson finds her community and career path: Sela Hanson’s on-campus leadership experience sets her apart in the field of elementary education. When she isn’t busy with her extracurricular activities, you can catch her watching YouTube cooking videos, biking, or knitting. More».

Brea Baumhover plans to make an impact teaching family consumer sciences Brea Baumhover plans to work as a family and consumer sciences and health teacher. When she isn't studying, Brea enjoys spending time with friends, participating in multiple clubs, and relaxing with embroidery, cross-stitch, or wool applique. More».

Allison Gress plans to turn long-term passion of advocating for kids into future career. As a graduating senior, Allison Gress is ready to go out into the professional world to work as a lobbyist for child advocacy. When she’s not organizing events for Human Sciences Week, she enjoys practicing German, traveling, and dancing. More».

Cass Dorius featured in Faculty Focus video: Cass Dorius is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies who is looking at new and novel ways that families are forming, and how that affects individual lives. More».

Adrienne Rule finds path through participation: Adrienne Rule plans to work in academic advising after graduating. In her free time she likes to spend time with her roommates and friends, listen to crime and mystery podcasts, watch Netflix and YouTube, and eat at Dairy Queen, Starbucks, and Chick-fil-A.  More».

Masters creative component helps Emily Parent with career aspirations: Emily Parent intends to use her degree to work on her weight management program full time. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going for a run, cooking, and relaxing on the lake with friends and family. More».

Megan Slattery adapts childhood skills to college adventure: Megan Slattery hopes to use her degree to be a family physician. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, making crafts, and exploring the Ames area with friends. More».

Shelby Dumont prospers by following education passion: Shelby Dumont looks forward to making an impact in the education profession after she graduates. When she growing her skills as an educator, she likes watching Netflix, spending time with her friends, and trying new restaurants. More».

Karina Stripe experiences the joys of early childhood education: Karina Stripe looks forward to utilizing the unified program Iowa State University offers in her future career as an early childhood educator. When she isn't working with kids, she enjoys spending time with her chocolate lab, reading books, and eating pineapple on her pizza. More».

Kaelyn Swartout looks forward to future as child life specialist: Kaelyn Swartout aspires to make an impact helping children as a child life specialist after graduation. When she isn't building her knowledge for her future career, she enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy, hanging out with her friends, and staying involved in her sorority. More».

Grace Crapson recognizes strength in differences as a Cultural Ambassador: Grace Crapson looks forward to her future as an educator. When Grace isn't doing homework she co-writes short stories with her boyfriend, reads her Bible, or can be found doing her friends' hair and makeup. More».

Deborah Asaolu expands her Iowa State adventure with MEDLIFE: Deborah Asaolu instinctively takes care of everyone else and has always felt becoming a doctor has fit her. When she isn't preparing for her future career, you can find her binge watching shows, reading, and sleeping. More».

Tera Jordan featured in Faculty Focus video: Tera Jordan, an assistant professor in human development and family studies, was recently featured in a Faculty Focus video by the College of Human Sciences. The clips highlight human scientists at Iowa State University. Visit the college's YouTube channel to see all Faculty Focus videos. More».

Isabella Ellis develops physical education skills with hands-on coursework: Isabella Ellis wants to work as a physical education teacher for an elementary school after graduation. Outside of her classes, clubs, and homework, she enjoys reading, watching HGTV, and working out. More».

Olivia Pierce shares her passion for learning technology at the Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching: Olivia Pierce wants to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade elementary school students after she graduates. Outside of her coursework and her job, Olivia enjoys spending time with friends, working out at State Gym, and spending time outside in nice weather. More».

Darcy Smalley amplifies her opportunities at the Child Development Laboratory School: Darcy Smalley's long-term career goal is to own her own daycare. While she continues to work toward her goal, she enjoys hanging out with people, drinking coffee, and going for walks in her free time. More».

AMD distance Ph.D. program alleviates Melissa Abner’s concerns and surpasses her expectations: Melissa Abner's dream career is to be a full professor in a thriving fashion merchandising program and be in charge of that program. When she isn't teaching in her current position as an assistant professor or working on her Ph.D., she enjoys spending time with her three-year-old and husband at sporting events, boating, or doing anything else outdoors. More».

Kate Pruess expands skills and network with FCEDS club: Kate Pruess is incredibly excited to teach family and consumer sciences once she graduates; however, her ​dream​ job is to become a guidance counselor. She plans on teaching for a few years and then get her masters in school counseling. For now, she enjoys spending her free time reading, baking, and going to the gym. More».

Megan Wiese discovers her path to chiropractic school: Megan Wiese looks forward to chiropractic school once she completes her undergrad degree at Iowa State University. When she isn't preparing for her next adventure, she spends time hammocking with friends or trying to catch up on sleep and Netflix. More».

Elyse Christian strives to educate parents about child development: Elyse Christian looks forward to educating parents on their children's development after she obtains her degree. For now, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, and listening to music. More».

Corey Ball’s high school injury leads to physical therapist career goal: Corey Ball looks forward to becoming a physical therapist for athletes after he graduates. Until then, Corey enjoys spending his time listening to music, playing basketball, and lifting. More».

Mariah Mikel learns about hospitality management in Nassau, Bahamas: Mariah Mikel is pursuing a degree in hospitality management with the goal of one day managing a resort in Hawaii. Besides making travel plans to tropical destinations, she enjoys working out, going to the movies, and trying new restaurants in her free time. More».

Nathan Wanderscheid secures internship opportunity at the People 2 People Career Fair: Nathan Wanderscheid sees himself potentially owning a hotel or concert venue after graduation. Outside of his internship and coursework, he enjoys listening to music, reading comic books, and hanging out with friends. More».

Sarah Wright submerses herself in the magazine world: Sarah Wright has a strong interest for digital retail and hopes to help a major retail company bridge the gap between e-commerce and brick and mortar. Until she reaches her goal, she enjoys listening to Retail Gets Real podcasts by the National Retail Federation and playing computer games in her free time. More».

Meghan Burke uses community college experience to shine at Iowa State: Meghan Burke wants to become a pastry chef in Florida after graduation. When she isn't working towards her degree, she can be found cooking, watching Netflix, and hanging out with her roommates. More».

Courtney Biere promotes Collegiately Creative Conference: Courtney Biere hopes to become a corporate event planner or immerse herself in fashion show production after graduation. While she prepares to reach her career goal, outside of studying she enjoys spending time with friends over board games, eating good food, and attending group fitness classes. More».

Landon Calderwood supports expansion of FCCLA to Iowa State: Landon Calderwood is preparing to be a family and consumer sciences professor after graduation. He enjoys playing the organ, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends when he isn't focusing on coursework and clubs. More».

Anlis Mercado shares how she made Iowa State her home away from home: After graduating, Anlis Mercado wants to work as a guidance counselor for adolescents. Walking around campus, watching Netflix, or reading a good book are ways she unwinds after hours of classes and studying. More».

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