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Mark Bollom excels in bigels research, uses his substantial knowledge in dairy industry:Mark Bollom has always wanted to know why things are happening the way they are. At Iowa State, he's able to work toward answering those questions, while participating in impactful research on bigels and probiotics. More».

Alayna Meeks expands on child, adult, and family services studies with volunteer work: Alayna Meeks flourishes in child, adult, and family services through her job, volunteer work, and internship. More».

After traveling the world, Leidys Gutierrez-Martinez finds research mentorship at Iowa State: Leidys Gutierrez-Martinez became a practicing physician in Colombia before coming to Iowa State University to research cardiovascular health under associate professor of kinesiology, Duck-Chul Lee. More».

Fabiha Muhmad’s volunteer work ignites interest in early childhood education: During high school, Fabiha volunteered at her local elementary school. This helped her recognize that she belonged in early childhood education. More».

Andrea Figg transfers to Iowa State to keep creativity and athletics in her future: After transferring to Iowa State her sophomore year, Andrea Figg was able to study family and consumer sciences education and studies while obtaining a coaching endorsement. This will allow  her to become a family and consumer sciences teacher and an athletics coach. More».

Brooke Harbaugh discovers confidence, community through elementary education studies: Brooke Harbaugh grew up playing school as a child. Now a junior at Iowa State, Brooke can't wait to become a role model for her future students.  More».

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