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August 15, 2019

Duck-Chul Lee involved in research published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Associate professor in kinesiology Duck-Chul (D.C.) Lee has been part of a research project that focused on how resistance exercise and building muscle strength can prevent Type 2 diabetes. The research findings were recently published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal.

For more information, contact Duck-Chul Lee in kinesiology at 515 294 8042 or

August 14, 2019

Jacob Meyer's research on exercise, endocannibinoids, and depression published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: Jacob Meyer, assistant professor in kinesiology, is part of a research team that published their findings in Medicine & Science in Sports & Medicine. Their research focused on how the body's endocannibinoids can alleviate symptoms of depression through exercise.

For more information, contact Jacob Meyer in kinesiology at 515-294-1386 or

August 8, 2019

David Brown shares tips for coping with the aftermath of mass shootings: Remember that it is common to have a range of emotions after a traumatic incident. Reports on mass shootings have been prominent in the media recently, and these events cause distress for many. Human Sciences Extension and Outreach specialist David Brown offers tips for coping with potential reactions caused by shootings. More».
For more information, contact David Brown in Human Sciences Extension and Outreach at 515-294-1505 or

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