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December 10, 2018

Order your Spring accounts: It's time to order your Spring Canvas accounts. A new account must be ordered every time the course is taught but once it arrives, an older account can be copied into it. Go to ISU Canvas > Help > Global Course Administration > authorize ISU AdminTools if prompted to do so > click 'Request a Course' and fill out the form. Please include the course prefix, number, section, semester and year in the Course Name field, e.g. 'HDFS 101 Section 1&2 (Spring 2019)'. Ordered accounts arrive within a few seconds. The Instructor of Record must then enroll students and publish (activate) the course using the Prepare to Teach tool. Spring accounts will appear on student Dashboards on Monday January 7 unless you specify a different Start Date. More».
For more information, contact Karla Embleton in administration at 515-294-9198 or

Final grade preparation: Final grades are due by 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 18 and can be submitted through either AccessPlus or Canvas (not both). To ensure grades are being calculated accurately in Canvas, check the following: GRADING SCHEME: go to Settings > Course Details tab > view grading scheme. Does the scheme in use match the one in your syllabus or must it be updated? GRADES: Fill all blank cells with zeros (unless activity is extra credit, worth 0 pt). GRADES: Grade any ungraded submissions – look for small image icons in cells. GRADES: Check that there all columns needed for grade calculation are unmuted. ASSIGNMENTS: Ensure all Extra credit assignments have a point value equal to 0 and understand that if using weighted grading, extra credit cannot be in assignment group by themselves. For assistance, contact staff in the college Online and Distance Learning unit. More».
For more information, contact Karla Embleton in administration at 294-9198 or

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