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September 17, 2019

Critical student group settings: At ISU, Registrar sections are created based on such things as whether the participant is majoring or not in a program, the lab day that the student enrolls in, as well as separate instructors and class times. It is normal for an instructor to enroll many Registrar sections (class lists) into the same Canvas course. By default, students from different enrollment sections will not be able to see each other (no communication, no shared work) if they are placed in a group together. To correct this, go to your course menu and click ISU AdminTools > Additional Course Settings tool> scroll to the bottom and flip the switch for “Course members can collaborate across sections”. This is a critical change to make in multi-enrollment section courses that use student work groups!
For more information, contact Karla Embleton in administration at 515-294-9198 or

Peer evaluations through Qualtrics, an ISU licensed service software: If you assign students to work in groups, you may be interested in having them complete a peer evaluation of each group member's contribution, over several weeks, to the group effort. Canvas offers no tool to do this (the peer review tool in Canvas is strictly for students to offer comments on a single submitted assignment — which is a very different type of activity). ISU has no licensed software specifically for conducting peer evaluations. Many instructors fill this need by creating group evaluation forms with Qualtrics, an ISU licensed service software. Contact Karla, in the college's Online and Distance Learning unit to arrange for form development and/or to learn more about Qualtrics. Individual and small group training is available upon request.
For more information, contact Karla Embleton in administration at 515-294-9198 or

September 9, 2019

It is imperative that the grading scheme in use in your Canvas course matches the grading policy in your syllabus. Go to Course > Settings > view grading scheme. Most Canvas accounts have a default scheme that uses the ISU grade break points of 60, 63, 67, 70, 73, 77, 80, 83, 87, 90, and 93. Canvas does not round grades up or down, and does not allow "gaps" in the grading range. If your syllabus lists grades as 0-59, 60-62, 63-66, 67-70 etc. you are implying breakpoints of 59.5, 62.5, 66.5, 69.5 etc. and must make a new Canvas grading scheme based on these values. If you do not, the chances are high that many students will be given grades that are lower than they deserve. Example: a grade of 69.97 will results in a C+, not a B-. Creating and implementing a new grading scheme is a multi-step process. For assistance, contact Karla in the Online and Distance Learning unit.
For more information, contact Karla Embleton in administration at 515-294-9198 or

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