Alumni services

In the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University, we strive to develop effective educators, healthy citizens, a high-tech workforce, and thriving communities. Everywhere you go, our human scientists are at work. From making breakthrough discoveries about Parkinson’s disease, to diversifying community college leadership, to designing protective clothing for firefighters, our faculty and students are dedicating their time to expanding human potential and improving people’s lives.

The successes and breakthroughs achieved in the College of Human Sciences would not exist without the help from our alumni, friends, and partners. Your support and encouragement is a catalyst to creating advancements on the journey of discovery and innovation. Your past and continued presence at Iowa State University is the reason why there continues to be a bright future for students from all regions of the world.

Teacher licensure

For assistance with teacher licensure, contact Teresa Kahler.


To request a transcript, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Career services

Check out the CHS Career Services pages for job search resources.