You are truly critical to the success of the College of Human Sciences. Private philanthropy establishes a foundation for the prestige and reputation of our college for decades to come. 

Online gifts can be made directly to the College of Human Sciences, specific development or scholarship funds, or other designations through the Foundation’s secure website.

Your deeply appreciated gift can be made through the ISU Foundation -- a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to securing and managing financial gifts that benefit Iowa State University. The ISU Foundation provides a variety of giving options and programs, and partners with the College to engage the interest of alumni, friends, faculty and students.

At the center of this partnership are senior director of development, Molly Parrott, directors of development, Jim Swanstrom and Lora Leigh Chrystal, and development coordinator, Anette O'Shea. Molly, Jim, Lora Leigh, and Anette provide leadership in fundraising and are committed to helping the college achieve true excellence in teaching, research, and professional practice. 

Molly Parrott - giving
Molly Parrott
Jim Swanstrom - giving
Jim Swanstrom
Lora Leigh Chrystal - giving
Lora Leigh Chrystal
Anette O'Shea - giving
Anette O'Shea