Undergraduate Research/ Rosenfeld Internship

The Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship Program is designed to provide research experience to undergraduate students in the College of Human Sciences while they contemplate the possibility of study towards an advanced degree. The program offers interns opportunities such as:

  • Working with prestigious faculty.
  • Learning about current research in their academic field by receiving hands-on experience in conducting research.


Louise Rosenfeld was born October 12, 1906 in Kelley, Iowa. She received a Home Economics bachelor’s degree from Iowa State in 1928 and taught in consolidated schools of Randall and DeSoto, Iowa until she became a demonstration agent for the Iowa State Extension Service in 1932. She was State Leader for Home Economics Extension in Iowa for 29 years.

Ms. Rosenfeld became a member of the home economics cabinet of the Division of Home Economics at ISU in 1950, helping to integrate teaching, extension and research, In 1959 Ms. Rosenfeld received the Superior Service Award of the USDA. She served as a consultant and lecturer in home economics with the Ministry of Agriculture in Norway and received the St. Olav’s medal in 1965.

The Alumni Recognition Medal was awarded to her in 1969 and the ISU Faculty Citation was awarded to her in 1972. Louise Rosenfeld passed away on July 28, 1990.

Over 300 College of Human Sciences students and 70 faculty have been involved in the internship program since its inception.

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