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Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

The apparel, merchandising, and design major opens doors to some of the hottest careers in the textiles and apparel industry. When you major in this field, you’ll study fashion design, product development, costume history, merchandising and marketing strategies, production processes, business practices, and consumer behavior.

Child, Adult, and Family Services

As communities adapt to changing statewide and national demographics, the child, adult, and family services major will prepare you to work with people from the very young to the very old. You will help them learn skills and strategies in education, child care, youth development, family interaction, conflict resolution, and addiction/abuse treatment.

Culinary Science

As a culinary science student, you will explore the chemical and physical interactions of food and develop basic cooking techniques. The food industry is hungry for professionals prepared to work in this emerging field, specifically in researching and developing products and corporate restaurant menus.

Diet and Exercise

The accelerated program in diet and exercise allows you to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years. You will study advanced nutrition, physical activity, and ways they interact with health and disease. You’ll design strategic dietary and exercise programs to help people maintain optimum health.


Growing concern for the health and nutritional wellness of our country’s citizens has made dietetics a rapidly expanding career field. Coursework includes nutrient metabolism, community nutrition counseling and educational methods, medical nutrition therapy, and foodservice management.

Early Childhood Education

A degree in early childhood education readies you to work with children from birth through third grade. Coursework and practicum experiences will prepare you for licensure to teach in early childhood classrooms, special education classrooms, or home-based programs. This major is shared by Human Development and Family Studies and Curriculum and Instruction.

Elementary Education

With a degree in elementary education, you will gain the skills necessary to teach children in kindergarten through sixth grade. You will also gain expertise in an area of endorsement that extends your teaching license and qualifies you to teach students through eighth grade.

Entrepreneurial Studies

This interdisciplinary minor provides opportunities to students to learn about the process of creating value through recognizing and developing opportunities. In addition to feasibility analysis and business planning, the program deals with the topics of innovation, opportunity recognition, technology transfer, industry analysis, and competitive strategy.

Event Management

More than ever, companies and individuals are relying on experienced, professional event managers to coordinate conferences, weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. You’ll study trend analysis, hospitality, and resource management to organize momentous gatherings on time and within budget.

Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

Family and consumer sciences education and studies will give you a broad understanding of individual, family, and community issues to improve the lives of others. There are three options in this program: teacher licensure, communications and professional studies.

Financial Counseling and Planning

This program prepares you to service the financial and housing needs of families and individuals as you learn strategies to manage time, money, and other family resources. You’ll examine and evaluate housing needs, issues, and trends to better meet special needs for families and children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Food Science

As a food scientist, you’ll apply principles of biology, chemistry, and physics to improve the safety, nutrition, wholesomeness, and availability of national and worldly food sources. You can choose from three primary options: food science and technology, food science and industry, and consumer food science.

Hospitality Management

In Iowa State’s world-renown hospitality management program, you will learn essential principles of managing a variety of hospitality organizations, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, and foodservice companies. You’ll also develop expertise in managing diverse functions, such as accounting and finance, foodservice, human resources, marketing, and lodging.

Kinesiology and Health

Students in the kinesiology and health major study the biological and behavioral aspects of human movement through biomechanics, exercise physiology, and motor behavior and control. You can choose from six career options: athletic training, health/fitness management, exercise science, community/public health, physical education teacher licensure, or general studies.

Nutritional Science

Future nutritional scientists focus on the relationship between diet and health, studying the effects of various nutrients in the cause, treatment, and prevention of many diseases, as well as the maintenance of normal health, growth, and development. This major puts you on track for health professional programs.

Pre-health programs

As a pre-health student, there are a variety of majors that put you on track to attend medical, dental, physical therapy, chiropractic, or other professional health programs upon graduation. These programs include: diet and exercise, kinesiology (exercise science option), nutritional science, and child life specialization.

Secondary Education Licensure

If you seek to teach at the secondary level, you will enroll in the academic department that offers your chosen content area, and work to meet graduation requirements of that department college. Later, you’ll apply for admission to Iowa State’s teacher education program. There are thirteen content areas of teach licensure, ranging from English to Biology.


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Student News

Hanyu Yangcheng, a graduate student in food science and human nutrition, is the creator of KIK, a food stabilizer system. The system is a powder that has the potential to revolutionize dairy products by making them taste and feel better, and last longer. Photo by Blake Lanser.Iowa State student invents new way to improve dairy desserts

An Iowa State University student has developed a new way to improve the quality of dairy desserts.

A team of food science and human nutrition students (from left to right): Sandhya Sivaskandan, Lily Benner, Justin Banach, Katie Ranard, and Vaishnavi Manimanna Sankarlal, associate professor Stephanie Clark, and Kangzi Ren (not pictured) was among six finalists in the National Dairy Council\'s new product competition with their drink called Lechata. Photo by Blake Lanser.
Iowa State takes innovative dairy drink to national finals

Iowa State University students who put a healthy twist on a traditional Latin-American drink placed in the top six in a national new product competition this spring.

Brenna Lyden graduates from Iowa State with a degree in apparel, merchandising and design, a thriving fashion blog and styling business, and  a signed contract for a coveted job as a buyer for Nordstrom Inc. Photo by Christopher Gannon. Iowa State graduating senior styles her own future in fashion

When Brenna Lyden, Burnsville, Minnesota, was 15, she walked into a pre-teen fashion store at the mall and told the managers to hire her because she'd be the top seller within a month. They did and she was.

Shelby Lemmon, Celia Bravard, Kim Richards, Patricia Shadid, Alyssa Deskin, and Stephanie Tigges (not pictured) will be honored at the ISU College of Human Sciences graduation this weekend. Photo by Blake Lanser.Student accomplishments will take center stage at graduation events

The Iowa State University College of Human Sciences will recognize the accomplishments of hundreds of graduating students in a series of events this weekend.

A business start-up idea for a pancake house called “Stacks on Stacks” won Best in Show at this year’s Entrepreneurship Showcase at Iowa State University. Students Katie Speer and Jessica Florac took home the top prize of $200. Photos by Blake Lanser.
Pancake house, pharmacy win top prizes at Entrepreneurship Showcase

A pancake house/restaurant with a contemporary twist took the top prize at this year’s Entrepreneurship Showcase at Iowa State University.

With majors in industrial design and apparel design, ISU graduating senior Colin Behr is headed for his ultimate dream job. Photo by Christopher Gannon.ISU graduating senior steps into his dream job at Nike

Colin Behr’s obsession with shoes probably started before he could walk. That’s when his uncle graced the baby boy with a pair of infant Air Jordans.

Panteleimon Ekkekakis (far right, red tie), an associate professor in kinesiology, started a journal club that gave his undergraduate students a chance to learn research methods that would give them a head start in graduate school. Contributed photo.Ekkekakis gives kinesiology students a head start in graduate school

Behind the success of each graduate of Iowa State University are the professors who help to mentor them.

Financial counseling and planning students Alex Krumbholz and Tiffany Miller demonstrate the Dollar Bill Jump, one of three events they\'ve organized to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month. Photo by Kelly Slivka.Iowa State events will bring fun to finance

Where can a person get a free credit report? What’s an excellent credit score? How much money can a person can add to an IRA account each year?

Iowa State University students might want to brush up on the answers to these questions. If they can answer correctly, they might garner a free golf cart ride to class or a gift card to a local business.

Undergraduates majoring in financial counseling and planning at Iowa State will put on a series of promotional events over the next two weeks to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month.

A collection of womenswear called “Oksana\" by Lauren Pearson, a senior in apparel, merchandising, and design, won the $1,000 Best in Show award and first place in the collections category at Saturday night’s Iowa State University Fashion Show. Photos by Maggie Anderson.
Edgy womenswear wins ISU Fashion Show

A collection of four women’s blouses, skirts, sweaters, and dresses designed by Iowa State University senior Lauren Pearson took the top honor at The Fashion Show 2015, where student designers competed for $10,300 in scholarships. 

ISU 4U is one of the only promise programs to work with students in early elementary school to make sure they are prepared for college. Photos by Christopher Gannon.ISU 4U Promise aims to offer more than financial assistance

The promise of free tuition is a powerful incentive for students who otherwise could not afford a college education, but eliminating that financial barrier is just the first step to making the ISU 4U Promise program a true success.   

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