Kayla Heimbaugh

Kayla Heimbaugh’s time at Iowa State has expanded her worldview and inspired her to use her talents to serve others in need. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys traveling, volunteering, and serving as a peer mentor for her learning community. After graduation, she wants to nurture underprivileged, neglected, and abused children and give them hope for the future.

What attracted you to Iowa State and the School of Education?

I was mainly attracted to ISU’s School of Education because of its location, but after the taking my first couple of education classes, I really loved the community within the department as well as my professors. I really feel supported, challenged and encouraged by my teachers, advisors and classmates in the School of Education.

Which College of Human Sciences faculty member has influenced you the most?

Charles Achter has definitely influenced me the most. He has been a powerful example of what a great teacher is. He has encouraged me so much in my journey to becoming a teacher. Because of his genuine care, intentionality, and guidance, I have grown in confidence both as an individual and as a future teacher. He has also helped me to recognize and develop my leadership skills while also reminding me to stay focused on what is really important in life. I look up to him in so many different ways!

What’s on your ISU bucket list?

  • Get involved in more clubs that are in my interest areas. I would love to get involved with programs for international students especially. I love learning about other cultures and making international students feel welcomed on campus
  • Student teach internationally. I would love to student teach in Norway, but the other three options sound amazing, too.
  • Take drawing or painting classes at Workspace in the MU. I love exploring my artistic side.
  • Go to a concert or improv show at the Maintenance Shop.
  • Dedicate one day to just taking pictures around campus. I have only taken pictures randomly. I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything.
  • Maybe run the 5K Doughnut Run.