Iowa State study explores fear of being without your mobile phone

Iowa State University researchers have developed a way to help you identify if you suffer from a modern-day phobia. Photo and video by Dave Olson.

Are you a nomophobe? 

If you’re wondering how to respond to that question, an Iowa State University study can help you find the answer. ISU researchers have developed a questionnaire to help you determine if you suffer from nomophobia, or a fear of being without your mobile phone. 

New Iowa State professor gets Latino students excited about education

Julio Cammarota is a new associate professor of multicultural education in the Iowa State University School of Education. He engages Latino high school students in research about race and ethnicity. Photo by Blake Lanser.

Julio Cammarota has a track record of engaging Latino high school students in research about race, racism, and ethnic identity.

Study finds heavy metals traces in plastics may pose future environmental, health threats

Keith Vorst, a researcher in food science and human nutrition, says heavy metal traces in recycled plastic may cause harm in decades to come. Photo by Wyeth Lynch.

The trace amounts of toxic substances used to make plastics don’t contaminate the food or beverage products they contain at a significant level and pose no immediate threat to consumers, according to recent Iowa State University research.

Activity trackers not as accurate for some activities, ISU study finds

Iowa State researchers put some of the more popular activity trackers to the test. Photo by Dave Olson.

Activity trackers can provide a good overall estimate of calories burned, but an Iowa State University study finds they’re less accurate when measuring certain activities, such as strength training. 

ISU gerontology program carries out goal of the Older Americans Act

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Older Americans Act, helping adults live in the community of their choice for as long as possible. Photo by Ryan Riley.

In the spirit of the Older Americans Act, Iowa State University’s gerontology program helps older adults to age actively in the community of their choice.

Mothers give more than they receive when family struck by major illness

Iowa State researcher Megan Gilligan says mothers are put in a vulnerable position when caring for a seriously ill adult child. Photo by Wyeth Lynch.

Mothers are often the caregiver when a child is sick, and that motherly instinct doesn’t go away when the child is an adult.

In fact, mothers provide more support to adult children with a serious health condition than to their other children, according to new research presented at the American Sociological Association 2015 Annual Meeting.

ISU researchers aim to boost science education with summertime pest

Iowa State researchers will train students at Moulton and King elementary schools to track mosquito populations in their neighborhood. File photo by Christopher Gannon.

It may be hard to imagine how a mosquito could inspire students to develop an interest in science. Iowa State University researchers believe it’s not only possible, but say that generating student interest in the pesky insect will improve science learning and public health.

Iowa State’s financial counseling and planning achieves new standard of excellence

Iowa State\'s financial counseling and planning program focuses on the needs and goals of families and consumers, rather than taking a business-oriented, bottom-line approach. Photo by Push Marketing.

Iowa State University’s financial counseling and planning program already had the distinction of being the only program of its kind in Iowa.

But Iowa State just received word that the program is now registered by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards — meaning that it meets a standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

ISU 4U Promise students to attend DAVinCI Flight Camp

Students with ISU 4U Promise, Iowa State\'s partnership to make college more affordable for students at King and Moulton elementary schools, will take part in a DAVinCI Flight Camp this week. Here they are at an earlier event building dream catchers. Photo by Ryan Riley.

A group of ISU 4U Promise students will get to design and build model gliders as part of a week-long DAVinCI Flight camp at the Grubb YMCA in Des Moines.

Iowa State alumna helps Olympic and Paralympic athletes stay on track

Jacquelyn Luedtke, who graduated in 2013 with a degree in event management, now works as full-time operations coordinator for the United States Olympic Committee at its flagship training facility in Colorado Springs. Contributed photo.

Jacquelyn Luedtke knows firsthand that it takes world-class event management skills to organize world-class sporting events.

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