Iowa State alumni advocate for older adults

Educating a workforce to meet the needs of older adults like Meg and John Tait at Green Hills Retirement Community in Ames is a key step to making Iowa more aging-friendly. Photo by Blake Lanser.

For Iowa State University alumna Merea Bentrott, advocating on behalf of older adults isn’t just a job — it’s her lifelong goal.

Stapleton advocates for black deaf students

Iowa State alumna Lissa Stapleton volunteered at a deaf residential school in Ghana as part of her journey to better understand deaf students of color. Contributed photo.

Lissa Stapleton’s awareness and advocacy for deaf students of color stemmed from an experience in high school.

Iowa State professors offer advice on fitness screening in schools

School fitness screenings give parents the information they need to help their children stay healthy, said Gregory Welk, a kinesiology professor at Iowa State University and scientific director for FitnessGram. Photo by Meg Brown.

Iowa State University experts say the practice of measuring students’ height and weight at school can be beneficial, although they warn that fitness screenings should keep the focus on health and respect students’ privacy.

Helping at-risk children find strength and purpose

Human development and family services alumnus Carlos Alonzo rewards struggling elementary schoolers with positive experiences, not objects. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

A boxing session is one of the most prized ways that Carlos Alonzo rewards his struggling students for good behavior.

Elementary school students under his supervision must act properly in class for several weeks to win time with the punching bag.

Blossom Project encourages pregnant women to eat healthy, exercise

Iowa State alumna Monique Pairis-Garcia (left) received help from the Blossom Project in food science and human nutrition to improve her diet and exercise habits when she was pregnant. Contributed photo.

The Blossom Project gave Monique Pairis-Garcia the support she needed to make her health and the health of her baby a top priority.

Keeping Parkinson’s patients rolling

Iowa State alum Jay Alberts, riding a tandem bicycle with his children during RAGBRAI, changes the lives of many people with Parkinson’s disease via his Pedaling for Parkinson’s initiative. Contributed photo.

John Carlin credits Pedaling for Parkinson’s with saving his life.

Carlin connected with the nonprofit at a time when his Parkinson’s disease symptoms were worsening — tremors, deterioration of fine motor skills, softening of voice.

After he joined the Pedaling for Parkinson’s team in training for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, he regained control of his body. His symptoms receded.

“Without Pedaling for Parkinson’s, I don’t know where I’d be,” Carlin said. “I was sinking fast.”

Education researchers turn their focus toward justice

Katy Swalwell (left) and Joanne Marshall (right), an assistant and associate professor in the ISU School of Education, are among those participating in this year’s American Educational Research Association annual meeting in Chicago. Photos by Christopher Gannon and Wyeth Lynch.

A delegation from Iowa State University will join thousands of researchers in Chicago this weekend who will be focusing on justice.

Doctor credits much of his success to kinesiology training at Iowa State

Shawn Spooner, an Urbandale doctor and veteran of the U.S. Navy, credits much of his success to his training in kinesiology at Iowa State University. Photo by Christopher Gannon.

Dr. Shawn Spooner has traveled the world and touched thousands of people’s lives.

Iowa State events will bring fun to finance

Financial counseling and planning students Alex Krumbholz and Tiffany Miller demonstrate the Dollar Bill Jump, one of three events they\'ve organized to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month. Photo by Kelly Slivka.

Where can a person get a free credit report? What’s an excellent credit score? How much money can a person can add to an IRA account each year?

Iowa State University students might want to brush up on the answers to these questions. If they can answer correctly, they might garner a free golf cart ride to class or a gift card to a local business.

Undergraduates majoring in financial counseling and planning at Iowa State will put on a series of promotional events over the next two weeks to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month.

Edgy womenswear wins ISU Fashion Show

A collection of womenswear called “Oksana\" by Lauren Pearson, a senior in apparel, merchandising, and design, won the $1,000 Best in Show award and first place in the collections category at Saturday night’s Iowa State University Fashion Show. Photos by Maggie Anderson.

A collection of four women’s blouses, skirts, sweaters, and dresses designed by Iowa State University senior Lauren Pearson took the top honor at The Fashion Show 2015, where student designers competed for $10,300 in scholarships. 

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