College Endowed Positions

These endowed chairs and professors do vital work for the College of Human Sciences. These positions specialize in areas of study identified by the donors who created the endowments. Endowed funds are managed through the ISU Foundation, for the benefit of the College.

Dean’s Chairs and Department Chairs
Endowed leadership positions enable administrators — deans, directors and department chairs — to leverage human and financial resources to intensify the impact of their unit and its programs. Because earnings from endowments are not intended for one specific project, program or person, they can be focused on urgent or emerging priorities.

Chairs and Professorships
Endowed chairs and professorships are the most esteemed positions in academia. They help recruit and retain exceptional scholars by acknowledging their professional leadership and ensuring appropriate compensation. Earnings from endowed positions further research, provide students valuable opportunities, and expand academic programs.

Visiting Professorships
A visiting professorship enables Iowa State to host a distinguished professor by funding expenses such as travel and an honorarium. Visiting professors provide students and faculty with specialized entrepreneurial, business or research knowledge. This creates opportunities that cannot be matched through traditional classroom and departmental activities.

Faculty Fellowships
Fellowships are awards given to encourage faculty to pursue new ideas, creative projects and research that allow them to grow in their disciplines and bring fresh ideas into the classroom.

Dean Laura Jolly
Laura Jolly
Endowed Dean’s Chair

Byron Brehm-Stecher
Dean’s Faculty Fellow

Linda Niehm
Dean’s Faculty Fellow

Marian Kohut
Barbara E. Forker Professorship

Greg Welk
Barbara E. Forker Professorship

Wendy White
Charlotte E. Roderuck Faculty Fellowship

I-Min Lee
Dean Helen LeBaron Hilton
Endowed Chair

Eulanda Sanders
Donna R. Danielson Professorship
in Textiles and Clothing

Suzanne Hendrich
Lura M. Lovell Faculty Fellow

Carla Peterson
Nancy Rygg Armbrust Professorship in Early Childhood Development and Education

Guowen Song
Noma Scott Lloyd Chair in
Textiles and Clothing

Jonathan Fox
Ruth Whipp Shermin Professorship

Christina Campbell
Sandra S. and Roy W. Uelner

Stephanie Clark
Virginia M. Gladney Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition