Classroom Resources

The following are core services offered by the college, along with some commonly requested services provided by other campus units. If you require a service that is not listed, contact the unit most likely to offer the service to see if it can be provided. Accommodations are based on available resources, time, potential impact, sustainability, and with consideration to whether the service is already provided by another ISU unit.

College and University Services

Library eReserve class site

Supporting Unit: Parks Library

Contact: Reserve and Media Services, Room 140 Parks Library,, 294-4958

Cost: None

Time: Varies by task

URL: Instructor forms and instruction

Note: Request course account at least 5 weeks before start of semester. (Allow 10 weeks if library must acquire new book). Allow at least 7 days for processing materials during the semester before directing students to site.

Order a Blackboard account

Supporting Unit: ODL

Contact: Karla Embleton,, 294-9198

Cost: None

Time: Becomes available 1-2 days after order is placed.

URL: Account request form

Note: Can order account for specific class, special project, or administrative task. By default, class accounts are semester specific. Complete the form yourself or send course details and instructor netIDs to Karla.

Blackboard help, training, design

Supporting Unit: ODL
Contact: Karla Embleton,, 294-9198, and Ann Bugler,, 294-5812

Cost: None

Time: 1-3 days

URL: Blackboard Tips from ODL

Note: Call or email for quick question. Schedule 1-on-1 training session for more involved support. Can send material to ODL staff to post in your course. If you have a question about how to do a specific task, check the tip collection. Support is also available from the Center for Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Course Webinar Servies and Support

Supporting Unit: ODL

Contact: Ann Bugler,, 294-5812

Cost: No fee for class accounts.

Time: Varies

Note: Zoom and Adobe Connect services, training, and support

Instructional Design and Content Creation

Supporting Unit: ODL

Contact: Ann Bugler,, 294-5812 or Karla Embleton,, 294-9198

Cost: No fee for class accounts

Time: Varies

Note: Design and capture services vary from course to course. Please schedule a consultation meeting with ODL staff.

Clicker help, training

Supporting Unit: Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Contact:, 294-5357



URL: ISU Clicker