Building and Facilities

Use the following college and university resources to find and reserve computer labs, technology-enhanced rooms, and audio/video studios.

Get computer lab key code for after hours access

Supporting unit: CHS IT Services

Contact: Keith Swanson,, 294-0439

Cost: None

Time: 1-2 days

URL: Lab key code request form

Note: Key code will be emailed to your ISU email address. Contact an on-duty lab monitor or Keith if you have questions. Key codes can be provided to 1432 Food Science Building, 307 MacKay Hall, and 108/106-113 MacKay Hall.

Locate a computer lab

List of ISU computer labs

CHS computer labs (in MacKay, LeBaron and Food Sciences)

CTLT labs (CI Department)

Reserve a computer lab

CHS Computer Labs in MacKay, LeBaron, and Food Sciences

Supporting Unit: CHS IT Services

Lab Manager: Keith Swanson,, 294-0439

Cost: No cost for CHS departments/units. For users from outside the college, technical support is $50/hr plus room rental fee of $10/hr.

Time: Book fall labs at end of spring semester if possible. Otherwise, check online schedule for openings.

URL: CHS computer lab use schedule

Note: Check the schedule for the lab you wish to reserve, then contact Keith to make your reservation. Get your reservation in early to avoid booking problems. Faculty and staff can reserve the CHS Labs for any official university function (for example, class, orientation, training, testing, seminars). Priority is given to the departments that provide financial support for the labs through CAC funds. Other CHS and non-CHS depts/units will be booked if space is available, after the funding units have had an opportunity to make their bookings. To have new or updated software installed on lab machines needs (credit), provide the Lab Manager with the software and any licensing paperwork by July 1st for inclusion of the software on the fall lab image.


Reserve a technology-enhanced room, on campus

Supporting Unit: Facilities Planning and Management

Contact: FP&M contact list



URL: Online form to reserve room for for special event or email to make a class room reservation

Note: Check the ITS equipment list for the room you are interested in using.

Reserve a technology-enhanced room, off campus

Supporting Unit: ODL
Contact: Trisha Ritland,, 294-7925
Cost: May be a facility fee
Note: Can be for class or special event (e.g. meeting).

Reserve a studio for audio/video recording

Supporting Unit: ODL

Contact: Ann Bugler,, 294-5812

Cost: No charge if for class use.



Note: Contact Ann about room availability.