Scholarships and Financial Aid

Helping you pay for school and other learning opportunities

The College of Human Sciences and its programs offer approximately $800,000 in scholarships each year. When you complete the online CHS application, the college works to match you to the correct scholarship based on the criteria of each of the 100+ scholarship funds.

Submitting a complete CHS scholarship application and any additional materials it recommends automatically ensures you will be considered for department- or school-level scholarships. You may also consider applying for university-level scholarships and external scholarships.

Undergraduate online scholarship application
Graduate scholarship application (PDF)

Application Process

The College of Human Sciences uses one online application to gather your information and consider you for appropriate scholarships from our pool of more than 100 scholarship funds.

Undergraduate application

The online scholarship application page explains requirements, deadlines, and other details about the scholarship for CHS undergraduates (incoming freshmen, transfer, and current students).

Graduate application

Graduate students can visit the graduate student scholarship page for electronic application documents for CHS scholarships.

Special scholarships

Other scholarships are available for students in special circumstances. These must be applied for separately:

Undergraduate students presenting at national/international professional conferences
Students who study abroad
Students in grades 6, 7, 8
Heddleson Summer Internship Scholarship with ISU Families Extension

College/departmental scholarships only

The CHS application covers college-level and department-level scholarships only. Completing this application will not submit you for university-level financial aid. Please apply separately for ISU (university-level) scholarships below.

College-level scholarship descriptions and requirements

You are considered for department- or school-level scholarships when you complete the CHS application form.

School/Department-level scholarship links

You are considered for department- or school-level scholarships when you complete the CHS application form.

Some departments have lists of their own department scholarships available on their websites:

School of Education
Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management
Food Science and Human Nutrition
Human Development and Family Studies

ISU scholarships and financial aid

You must apply for university-level scholarships and financial aid separately from College of Human Science and departmental scholarships.

Apply for university-level financial aid

ISU Student Affairs funding opportunities

External scholarships

Scholarship resources available outside of ISU:
Des Moines Women’s Club
Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program
Iowa 4-H Foundation

State of Iowa resources for financial aid:
Iowa Teacher Shortage Forgivable Loan Program (University Teacher Education Program website)

Federal resources for financial aid:
Free application for federal student financial aid (FAFSA)
Federal loan/scholarship cancellation/deferment options for teachers (University Teacher Education Program web site)