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Financial counseling and planning students Alex Krumbholz and Tiffany Miller demonstrate the Dollar Bill Jump, one of three events they\'ve organized to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month. Photo by Kelly Slivka.Iowa State events will bring fun to finance

Where can a person get a free credit report? What’s an excellent credit score? How much money can a person can add to an IRA account each year?

Iowa State University students might want to brush up on the answers to these questions. If they can answer correctly, they might garner a free golf cart ride to class or a gift card to a local business.

Undergraduates majoring in financial counseling and planning at Iowa State will put on a series of promotional events over the next two weeks to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month.

A collection of womenswear called “Oksana\" by Lauren Pearson, a senior in apparel, merchandising, and design, won the $1,000 Best in Show award and first place in the collections category at Saturday night’s Iowa State University Fashion Show. Photos by Maggie Anderson.
Edgy womenswear wins ISU Fashion Show

A collection of four women’s blouses, skirts, sweaters, and dresses designed by Iowa State University senior Lauren Pearson took the top honor at The Fashion Show 2015, where student designers competed for $10,300 in scholarships. 

ISU 4U is one of the only promise programs to work with students in early elementary school to make sure they are prepared for college. Photos by Christopher Gannon.ISU 4U Promise aims to offer more than financial assistance

The promise of free tuition is a powerful incentive for students who otherwise could not afford a college education, but eliminating that financial barrier is just the first step to making the ISU 4U Promise program a true success.   

Vanessa McNeal, a senior majoring in child, adult, and family services, made it her mission to help families and improve the quality of their lives. Her experiences help her approach others with compassion.Iowa State student seeks justice through family services

Vanessa McNeal has made it her life's mission to help families and improve the quality of their lives.

A \"pop-up shop\" will add an element of surprise to this year\'s Fashion Show at Iowa State University. Ashley Peters, Wendee Cooper, and Courtney Brockman are directors of this year\'s pop-up shop. Photos by Blake Lanser.Pop-up shop adds element of surprise to fashion show

Iowa State University students in apparel, merchandising, and design are teaming up with Ames businesses, a professor and students in architecture, and industry experts to add an element of surprise to this year’s fashion show.

A fun, new “pop-up shop” — part of an international new trend of opening short-term sales spaces — is expected to spring up on campus April 10, the day before The Fashion Show 2015.

The ISU School of Education will hold a ribbon cutting April 24 to showcase the school and mark the end of the $5.4 million in renovations. Photos by Blake Lanser.ISU School of Education has a reason to celebrate

With its fresh new look and new leadership, the Iowa State University School of Education will take a moment next month to celebrate.

The nationally award-winning school that's at the heart of the College of Human Sciences' efforts to expand human potential and improve people's lives will hold a ribbon cutting from 3 to 5 p.m. April 24 in the courtyard of Lagomarcino Hall.

Iowa State student Kenneth Odoom models clothing designed by Mia Pierson for men who commute to work on their bikes. The garments will be entered in this year\'s ISU Fashion Show. Photo by Lynn Campbell.Trendy clothes for cycling, swimming in this year’s Iowa State University fashion show

Unique entries in The Fashion Show at Iowa State University this year include clothes especially designed for men who bike to work, and swimwear for full-figured women.

Senior Fit Night brought models and designers together to prepare for this year\'s Fashion Show at Iowa State University. Photos by Blake Lanser.March: The calm before the storm for the ISU Fashion Show

This year’s fashion show at Iowa State University will feature a new type of scholarship, new categories of competition, and a “pop-up shop” that’s part of the latest craze in retail.

An Iowa State culinary science student will return to the Iowa ProStart invitational to represent Iowa State\'s culinary science program. Photo by Blake Lanser.Hands-on learning takes center stage at ProStart competition

An Iowa State University student who previously won a premier high school culinary arts competition will return this year to help educate youth about career opportunities that lie ahead.

An Iowa State student is launching her a business promoting her line of women\'s clothing aimed at African women living in the United States. Illustration by Claire Kean.Iowa State student takes African fashion designs nationwide

Claire Kean is combining her talent in fashion design, love of travel, and personal connection with Africa to create a bold and colorful clothing line that’s gaining attention on the national runway.

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