2016 CHS Alumni Awards

The ISU Alumni Association and the College of Human Sciences will recognize these alumni for outstanding achievements and service at the all-university Honors and Awards Ceremony, on Friday, Oct. 9, at 1:30 p.m.

Daniel J. Phelan
Daniel Phelan
Alumni Achievement Award

Ph.D. Higher Education, 1990
Joyce Hoppes
Joyce Hoppes
Helen LeBaron Hilton Award

B.S. Home Economics Education, 1979
Jami S. Haberi
Jami S. Haberl

Outstanding Young Professional Award
B.S. Community Health Education, 2000


Melissa Wilmarth
Melissa Wilmarth

Oustanding Young Professional Award
B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies, 2006
Lori M. Reesor
Lori M. Reesor
Virgil S. Lagomarcino Laureate Award

M.S. Higher Education 1987
Kaitlyln Wiener
Kaitlyn Wiener
James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award
B.S. Food Science 2009


Tyler Weig
Tyler Weig
Alumni Merit Award
B.S. Community Health Education 2005
Nancy and Richard Degner
Nancy and Richard Degner
Alumni Medal Award
Nancy Degner:B.S. Food Science 1972
Richard Degner:B.S. Ag and Life Sciences Education 1972, MS 1977