STEM Education

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education are rapidly changing. No longer do students merely take notes and recite information on tests; rather, Iowa State University experts are addressing STEM education in a whole new way, giving students a hands-on, minds-on, inquiry-based approach to learning.

With exciting new developments in education research, College of Human Science faculty are on the forefront of innovative STEM curriculum. With their expertise, future teachers are entering classrooms better prepared to teach in STEM areas with exciting ideas for coursework and projects. Gone are the days of test tubes and lab coats – students in prekindergarten through community college are learning about STEM fields through historical narratives; projects that challenge them to read and write about their observations; camps and programs that ignite a passion for STEM at a young age; and observing science wonders as they happen every day.

The College of Human Sciences is dedicated to increasing the awareness and knowledge of STEM education – creating better teachers, stronger students, and a more advanced society.

A sampling of our STEM education efforts:

Articles and publications

STEM Education news stories

“Advancing STEM Education” themed issue of Human Sciences Matters magazine (PDF)

Centers and partnerships

Center for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education

Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching

Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership